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I found out about Oboshoria through a friend of mine who was seeing him.  I am a 39 yo mother of 6 with a full time job so making time for a massage is the 1st thing I want to do but the last thing I am usually able to do.  Well once I saw Oboshoria I realized I had to make time.  It is honestly the best thing I have done for myself in years.  Oboshoria is truly a professional.  He will work with you if you like a deep massage or if you like it a little softer.  My preference is a very deep massage that some people may say could be painful.  I don't know how Oboshoria does it but he is able to work out so much of my stress and get my muscles moving in an hour or hour and half it is AMAZING!  He is not like any other massage therapist I have had.  He finds the spots that need to be worked on and really uses more reflexology than I have ever seen.  I LOVE this.  He is very educated on the human body, muscles and what you need to do to maintain a healthy living.  I can't imagine seeing anyone else.  I will recommend him to everyone I know and you should not hesitate to book your appointment today.
Jennifer Favors
A few years ago, my two sons gave me a gift certificate for a massage with Oboshoria.   When my sons called to book the appointment, they had no idea that they were introducing me to one of the best massage therapists I had ever met.  Oboshoria has an amazing gift of health, healing and wellness.   He works to locate any areas that need massage, but also to locate the source of the muscle that is causing a problem.  I've never had a better massage and have used him dozens of times over the last few years.  Additionally, I've recommended him to several friends.  In addition to his gift of therapeutic massage, he is kind and very responsible.  He is always on time, ensures that he schedules time appropriate and creates a healthy environment. 

I recommend Oboshoria very highly and consider him a true gift in my life.
Elaine M
I would love to share my experience with everyone and tell you about the great massages that Oboshoria is skilled to administer.  He is not only knowledgable in the art of massage but he is also trained in helping with sports related aches and pains.  I struggle with back and shoulder pain from my job and sports.  After a massage, I am ready to tackle my job and tennis again with no pain.
Better health with a better massage from Oboshoria!
Lisa M
I would like to express how much more comfortable doing my job and simply daily activities have been since I met Oboshoria.  I have a job that creates extensive neck and back strain.  I can honestly say that I get hard muscular knots between my shoulder blades.  Oboshoria has helped me tremendously.  He spends quite a bit of time working on this area, and I can say I feel I am better able to do my job in relative comfort after having my time with him.  
In addition, having someone take care of me in the comfort of my own home is very convenient, not to mention less stressful because I don't have to deal with traffic in order to arrive at a spa.  He is trustworthy, and puts me completely at ease.  I am so relaxed sometimes during a session that I almost fall asleep.  
I can recommend Oboshoria to anyone who has a stressful job and who likes the convenience of a massage therapist who will meet him or her in her own comfort zone.
Claudia A
I am from New York and worked on Wall Street for over 20 years.  I had been getting deep-tissue massages every week, for years, to help with the the stress of my job and my long commute.  I had become a very picky customer, when it came to deep tissue massages.  
When we moved to Atlanta, I had a very hard time finding a massage therapist who provided top quality deep tissue massages.  I had tried every high-end spa throughout the area, with no luck, until I found Oboshoria.  
He is AMAZING!  I say this as a very particular customer, who truly appreciates a professional massage therapist.  Oboshoria can find my knots and stress and can work through them in 60-90 minutes.  I feel completely relaxed when I leave.  I can honestly say that Oboshoria provides the best deep tissue massage in Atlanta.  I highly recommend him to anyone who knows and appreciates a great deep-tissue massage...  You will not be disappointed.  To top it off, he is a very professional and kind person.  He is a gem and I am lucky to know him.
Lorainne S
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